IFA Concludes Negotiatons with Boortmalt

IFA Malting Barley Committee Chairman Mark Browne has announced that the committee has concluded negotiations with Boortmalt on a revised pricing structure for the 2018 malting barley crop.

The improved pricing structure will include an addition of €10/tonne on the MATIFDec18 price up to €180/tonne MATIF, which at current MATIF would mean a €190/tonne green barley price.

If the MATIFDec18 exceeds €190/tonne then the delivered green price to Boortmalt will track the MATIFDec18 price.

Revised 2018 Pricing Structure based on the MATIF wheat price

• €180 or below – €10 added
• €180 to €190 – €190
• >€190 – = MATIF

The chairman added, that IFA has organised a malting barley growers’ meeting next week, at which the committee will outline the revised pricing structure to the growers.

The meeting is confirmed for the Dolmen Hotel, Carlow next Monday the 9th of July at 8.30 pm and all growers are invited to attend.

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