IFA Demand Investigation into How Bord Bia Mark QA Appeared on French Baby Potatoes

IFA President Tim Cullinan said the recent incident of French baby potatoes being labelled with the Bord Bia Quality Assurance mark is unacceptable.

“A thorough investigation must take place now, and the findings must be made public,” Tim Cullinan said. 

“Irish potato farmers go to great lengths to ensure that they meet exacting Quality Assurance standards so that their product is eligible for the QA mark. It is vitally important that consumers and farmers have confidence in Bord Bia’s systems,” he said.

“Irish potato farmers have been seriously hit with a massive increase in the cost of production over the past 12 months. They badly need market returns from the Irish market to be maximised, but actions such as this do the exact opposite,” he said.

IFA has contacted the Department of Agriculture and requested that they investigate this incident and give a full explanation.

“Bord Bia get significant state funding from the Department of Agriculture, and it is important that the Department satisfy themselves that Bord Bia’s systems are robust across all sectors,” Tim Cullinan concluded.

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