IFA Demands Thorough Investigation into Potato Mislabelling

Commenting on the results of the recent Irish Farmers Journal investigation into potato mislabelling, IFA Potato Chairman Thomas McKeown said the findings once again highlight the problem of variety mislabelling which undermines the livelihoods of growers.

The Chairman said that mislabelling regarding country of origin and variety was a constant problem and IFA has brought this matter to the attention of the DAFM on numerous occasions. He called on the Department to thoroughly investigate this incident and to penalise those responsible.

As part of its potato promotion campaign, Bord Bia has placed particular emphasis on the consumption of Queen Potatoes. “It is very disappointing to witness these fraudulent activities which mislead the consumer in relation to the variety.”

Thomas McKeown also called on the Food Safety Authority to become involved in the investigation as ultimately they are the state body responsible for upholding the legislation around food labelling.

Finally, he said all retailers, especially those who inadvertently or otherwise stocked these particular potatoes, must do more to ensure that they have traceability systems in place which prevent food fraud.

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