IFA Helps Secure 3,600 Extra Calf Spaces Per Week Through Cherbourg

IFA National Dairy Chairman Tom Phelan has welcomed the official confirmation that Pignet’s, the smaller of the two lairage facilities in Cherbourg, has been officially approved from next week to receive an extra 1,200 calves per sailing (3,600 per week),

This will increase the total weekly capacity in Cherbourg to 16,800 per week.

“IFA’s ongoing contact with the lairage operators Pignet and Qualivia over the last 13 months, our practical support, encouragement, and the help we provided in liaising between the French and Irish veterinary authorities and the operators themselves have been instrumental in securing a total of 1,600 extra spaces (4,800 calves per week) in the last year between the two facilities (+400 in 2019 at Qualivia, and +1,200 this week at Pignet’s),” he said.

“Weather permitting, three sailings a week take place with two ships between Dublin/Rosslare and Cherbourg – from next week, they will have an effective capacity of 16,800 calves per week when all sailings can depart.  This is a positive development which will effectively cater for peak, and minimise capacity pressure when storms prevent some sailings,” he concluded.

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