IFA Horse Project Team Welcomes Inclusion of Equine Measures in TAMS 3

IFA Horse Project Team Chair Richard Kennedy welcomed the inclusion of Equine facilities by the Department of Agriculture, Food and The Marine of the list of items included in Tams 3.

“Following a campaign by the IFA Horse Project Team to included equine facilities, it is important to see confirmation of the equine measures included that will help thousands of small horse breeders,” Richard Kennedy said.

“While horses had been excluded from Tams grant support in the past, it was heartening to finally see measures grant aided which will be off real assistance to the thousands of farmers that are involved keeping and breeding horses, both thoroughbred and sports horses,” he added.

The new measures to be grant funded include equine housing, feed storage facilities, horse training facilities and fencing. Richard Kennedy also welcomed the increased grant support for both young, trained farmers and for women involved in the horse sector. Richard Kennedy recognised the support that the Horse Project Team received from the IFA Rural Development Committee when including the equine measures in the IFA CAP Strategy Plan 2023-27 submissions to Government.

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