IFA in Contact with French on Lamb

IFA National Sheep Committee Chairman John Lynskey said IFA has been in contact with the FNO (French Sheep Farmers Association) and Bord Bia over concerns regarding disturbances on the French market for Irish lamb. He said supplies remain very tight at the factories here and prices are at €4.70 to tops of €4.80/kg this week. In addition, he said the store trade in the marts remains very buoyant keeping a solid floor in the market.

In the UK this week prices at the marts were varying from £1.44 to £1.48/kg lw, which is the equivalent of €4.60 to €4.80/kg incl vat. Factories prices are higher ranging from €4.80 to €5.00/kg

John Lynskey said IFA has also being in contact with Bord Bia and the key retailers about promotions on the domestic market. He said there is a real opportunity to promote more strongly here and Bord Bia and retailers need to grasp this opportunity.
The IFA Sheep Chairman said reports from France indicate the focus of the protests is more on pigmeat, beef and dairy and less so on lamb. Controls at the border are continuing, particularly the German and Spanish borders and less so at the ports.
John Lynskey said farmers are continuing to bargain hard on both price and weights. He said more and more deals are at 21.5kgs at this stage and some plants are moving to 22kgs on August 1st.

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