IFA Meet Limerick County Council on Adare-Foynes Roadway

An IFA delegation led by Limerick IFA chair Sean Lavery met with senior engineers and officials from Limerick County Council last week to discuss farmer concerns in relation to the new Adare to Foynes 35 km roadway scheme. The roadway will impact 200 landowners, of which 107 are active farmers.

Speaking after the meeting, Sean Lavery said IFA raised a number of critical issues, including the need for a Code of Practice; an additional liaison officer; the need for better communications; fencing issues; the conduct of sub-contractors; concerns around land values; implementation of the IFA/TII agreement; and other issues.

“We had a positive engagement with the Council and they agreed to address the issues raised by the IFA.  The Council agreed to write to all farmers providing contact information of the project Liaison Officer including mobile phone details, a copy of the IFA/TII Roads Agreement, a copy of the Code of Practice and an update on the various time lines for the project.”

IFA Infrastructure Project Team chair Paul O Brien said it is essential that all farmers on the roadway have the full details on the IFA/TII Agreement and a Code of Practice so their rights are fully protected.

“The Council accepted the need to appoint another Liaison Officer to work on the project and assured the IFA that this is being pursued. Good communication is key in the early stages of a project and it is essential that all the farmers on the route are well informed. The Council explained that they currently have one Liaison Officer working on the project and some engineers assisting with this work. The Council also agreed to provide quarterly updates on the project,” he said.

Sean Lavery raised issues around some sub-contractors not following the rules in relation to maintaining boundary stock proof fencing, access issues and working at night. The Council said they would immediately address these issues.

The Council made it clear that the valuations are decided by the valuers in line with the rules as set down in the IFA/TII agreement and the valuers have to be able to stand over their valuations. The Council confirmed it has no role in setting land values. It was also clarified that the €6,500 per acre fixed ‘goodwill’ payment in the IFA/TII Agreement is totally separate and is not part of the land valuation.

The next phase of work will involve archaeological testing of the lands on the route with priority on the Attyflin to Croagh section. The Council expect to have building contractors on the ground for this section by the end of this year and to have it completed by mid-2027.

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