IFA Meet NDC on Their Latest Campaign


The IFA Dairy Committee met with Zoe Kavanagh, CEO of the National Dairy Council (NDC), to get an outline of the NDC’s new strategy which is aimed to fortify consumer trust in Irish dairy products and production.

“In their new strategy, the National Dairy Council has positioned themselves front and centre to defend Irish dairy farmer’s social licence to farm. There is a growing disconnect between farmers and consumers of dairy. We as farmers need to demonstrate and reassure consumers that Irish dairy is not only nutritious but also environmentally sustainable,” he said.

The carbon footprint of Irish dairy is less than half that of the global average for dairy production. The temperate climate we live in affords us the opportunity to produce milk from grass which is naturally carbon efficient.

The NDC has a strong track record in constructively communicating with consumers. The NDC needs the continued support of all farmers and milk processors in communicating the overwhelmingly strong environmental credentials of Irish dairy farmers. Maintaining a strong reputation domestically is the cornerstone on which we build our global reputation.

“Our industry is being scapegoated by environmental NGOs.  We need a united voice through the NDC to cut through all the hype and demonstrate that dairy farmers are global leaders when it comes to producing milk efficiently,” he concluded.

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