IFA Opposes Factory Clipping Charges on Sheep

Sheep in Wicklow

IFA National Sheep Chairman John Lynskey said farmers are strongly opposed to the lamb factories imposing clipping charges on sheep slaughtered.

He said the across the board clipping charge being applied by some lamb factories on all sheep is working against and undermining the Department of Agriculture Clean Sheep Policy.

John Lynskey said the IFA, the Department of Agriculture, Teagasc and Meat Industry Ireland worked hard in producing a guide for the Clean Sheep Policy and its implementation is now being undermined by some of the factories.

The IFA sheep farmer leader said factories should not be imposing charges under the Clean Sheep Policy and any costs associated with required action at factory level should be incorporated into normal running costs of the factory.

John Lynskey said farmers take great care in their lamb production and the vast majority ensure that their lambs are clean are fit for slaughter.

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