IFA Pigs Chairman Calls for Factories to Lift Pig Price

IFA National Pigs Chairman Tom Hogan called on all pig factories to look at the market realities in the UK and Europe, and lift Irish pig prices above the €1.50c/kg price required to break even.

He said, “Pig farmers have endured months of price cuts and excuses as to why the price they receive for their pigs won’t even cover the basic costs of production. Enough is enough. €1.50/kg has to be returned to all pig farmers if the processors are seriously committed to this business in the long term.

“The market reports from Bord Bia and other international agencies all show that the demand for pigmeat is continuing to rise and, coupled with in tight supply across the major pigmeat exporting nations of the EU, it is evident why prices are rising in these markets. These same conditions hold true for Ireland. There can be no more excuses; the pig price must rise across the board,” Hogan concluded.

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