Enough is Enough

IFA President Announces Next Phase of ‘Enough is Enough’ Campaign

Following a meeting of IFA National Council IFA President Francie Gorman has announced the next phase of its ‘Enough is Enough’ campaign.

IFA will continue highlighting farmers’ frustration and anger with the political system over the next month by targeting County Council meetings around the country.

“The announcement last week on ACRES payments following our meeting with the Minister goes some way towards addressing the payments debacle and the general anger amongst farmers over-regulation and over-complicated schemes.

“Farmers are sick of regulations imposed on them at European, National and County Council level. These are adding extra costs at a time when the cost of doing business has rocketed. There has been no additional support for farmers with our CAP payments being repurposed towards environmental measures rather than food production. This is unsustainable, and the clear message from farmers is ‘enough is enough,” he said. 

Our National Council was clear that it wanted this campaign to continue. As well as the actions at council meetings, IFA county executives are free to have their own actions at local level as part of the ‘Enough is enough’ campaign, and a number of counties are planning other actions” 

To learn more about your local county executive’s plan of action, please contact your local IFA office or executive committee members.