IFA President Welcomes Copa Support for Changes to Greening Measures

IFA President Eddie Downey has welcomed the commitment from COPA to highlight the unworkable greening regulations, especially for tillage farmers, contained in CAP Reform.

Speaking following a meeting in Brussels, Eddie Downey said, “From the discussions at COPA, it is clear that most Member States share our frustration with the greening regulations and the implications they will have for tillage farming. COPA has now undertaken to intensify their contact with the EU Commission and insist on changes that address the issue”.

The IFA President said the Commission cannot ignore the growing opposition to inflexible regulations.  He said IFA have proposed that growers should be allowed greater flexibility under the greening measures, which will impose unnecessary costs on production, interfere with farmers’ business decisions and will undermine the competitiveness of the affected farm enterprises. There is a particular difficulty for farmers who produce a single, high-value crop under contract, such as malting barley.

Eddie Downey said “This will be an issue for the incoming Commission to deal with, and in that regard the Irish Government has to pursue the Agriculture portfolio. Along with other elements of the most recent CAP Reform that require a re-focusing towards practical measures for active, productive farmers, the next Commissioner has a responsibility to direct a full review of the impractical greening measures for tillage farmers”.

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