IFA Reaction to Glanbia Commitment on Malting Barley

IFA Grain Committee Chairman Mark Browne has welcomed the commitment from Glanbia Ireland (GI) to purchase this year’s malting barley crop.

While acknowledging the negative impact which Covid–19 is having on the drinks sector due to the closure of bars and restaurants and the challenges in the market, he called on all companies to support their growers by maximising the intake of malting barley.


“All stakeholders in the Irish drinks industry must recognise the ongoing effort and commitment which growers have put into producing quality malting barley. This has seen an expansion in the area sown. Notwithstanding the difficult market conditions, it’s imperative that drink companies do everything possible to back the primary producer in the supply chain,” he said.


In relation to the purchase and use of Irish grains, the Grain Chairman recognised GI’s commitment to maximise its intake of native grains and their continued focus on increasing its portfolio of Premium Grains. However, he said they must deliver sustainable prices for growers.


Finally, Mark Browne welcomed the developments in relation to the Grain Planning Census which had been agreed during previous discussions with IFA. “This should lead to positive improvements in the financial sustainability of grain suppliers,” he said



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