IFA Reaction to Tirlan Move on Fixed Milk Price Contracts

Reacting to the announcement by Tirlán to cap the volume of milk in Fixed Milk Price Scheme 17 and the Fixed Milk Price Support Scheme combined to 35%, IFA Dairy Chair Stephen Arthur said this measure will provide some assistance to suppliers with high volumes of fixed milk.

“After the Tirlan Fixed Milk Supplier meeting IFA hosted last month, a number of proposals, including the need to reduce volumes, was presented to Tirlán. The co-op took this proposal on board and have acted on it,” he said.

Mr Arthur concluded “It is also noted that the Fixed Milk Support Scheme deadline has again been extended, this time to March 15th. IFA has been working with affected suppliers and in contact with Tirlán on their behalf on this issue over the past 12 months”.

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