IFA Seeking Submissions on the Beef Sector

With a view to bringing more transparency to the beef sector, the IFA has engaged Jim Power, economist to conduct an independent investigation on the following aspects of the Beef and Livestock Sector.

CAP Direct Payments

  • Investigate the impact of CAP policy changes and reforms on livestock farmers incomes

Supply Chain

  • Investigate the margins along the supply chain including for processors, retailers and food service
  • Investigate the value from all parts of the animal including the 5th quarter
  • Examine costs of production at farm level

Beef Price Index

  • Explore the possibility of devising a formula for a beef price index


  • Clarify the proportion of the kill coming from factory controlled feedlots and what impact this is having on cattle prices


  • Assess whether the requirements for the in-specification bonus (eg 30 months, 4 farm residencies or 70 day residency) are still being demanded by buyers or retailers


  • Examine the effectiveness of Department inspections and controls in factories on classification, trim, weights and prices

Any farmer or interested party with relevant information are invited to send submissions, in confidence, to [email protected] by Tuesday March 19th 2019.

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