IFA Strongly Advise Dairy Farmers Against Selling Milk to Unregistered Purchasers – IFA

IFA National Dairy Committee Chairman Kevin Kiersey has strongly advised dairy farmers concerned about being over quota against selling milk to unregistered purchasers.

“I am aware there have been adverts put into the press in recent days by opportunistic operators offering to purchase over quota milk at knock down prices. I want to urge dairy farmers under superlevy pressure to resist the temptation to deal with those operators, as they are not registered milk purchasers, and they are exposing farmers who sell milk to them to potentially very serious consequences”.

Kevin Kiersey went so far as to recommend that farmers approached with such offers should report them to their co-op and the Department of Agriculture.

“I am quite clear that these operators are not working within the law and are being actively pursued by the authorities. Dairy farmers should have nothing to do with them.”

“Farmers who know at this point that their supplies will exceed the quota available to them should contact their advisor or their co-op for assistance with planning their way out of a potential superlevy fine,” he concluded.

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