IFA Timber Price Survey Shows Increase Across All Product Types

IFA Farm Forestry Chairman, Pat Collins said the latest timber price survey shows that farmers are getting a higher price across all product types in the last quarter.

The largest increase was for sawlog, which saw farmers being paid up to €80 per tonne at roadside for quality sawlog. This represents an increase of over 10% in price since the last quarter.

Pat Collins said that prices for other products, including pulpwood, stakewood and palletwood, had seen a minimal increase depending on local market conditions. He emphasised that the prices paid for timber varied significantly, for example the pulp prices quoted ranged from €18/tonne to €30/tonne, depending on distance to markets, access to the site and the size of the sale.

“When you are selling timber it is so important that you get to know the local market. I would advise any farmer selling to contact their local IFA Farm Forestry representative or talk to a farmer that has sold timber. The more informed you are, the more likely you are to have a positive experience selling your timber”.

Pat Collins stressed that the primary aim of thinning is to improve the quality of the forest, by focussing the growth on the best quality stems to maximise quality sawlog production. He recommended that farmers use a reputable contractor and make sure that fee structure and prices are clearly set out in the contract.


Market Report August/September 2017

All prices (ex VAT) quoted roadside

Product Type Length (m) Diameter (cm) Price € /tonne (Roadside)
Pulp 3 m < 7cm 18 – 30
Stakewood 1.6 m > 8cm  < 15 cm 40 – 44
Palletwood 2.5 m > 14 cm 34 – 45
3.1 m 44 – 48
3.4 m 45 – 48
3.7 m 48 – 52
Sawlog 4.9m > 20cm 70 – 77
5.5 m  80

All prices (ex VAT) quoted standing

Standing Prices Price €/tonne
1st Thinning 13 – 17
2nd Thinning 15 – 20
3rd Thinning 15 – 25
Clearfell 30 – 65

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