IFA Welcome News on Us Market for Irish Beef

IFA President Eddie Downey has welcomed the news that the US market has opened to Irish beef exports, saying “This is a positive development and its significance will be judged by farmers securing improved beef prices from the market place in 2015″.

Eddie Downey said the major increase in US beef prices, up by €1/kg in the last year and now at €4.70/€4.80/kg, must present a real opportunity for Irish grass-based beef exports.

The IFA President said Irish cattle prices are rising and combined with much tighter supplies in 2015, price prospects look much more promising for beef farmers.

He said prices have opened stronger with a base of €4.00/kg for steers and €4.05/4.10 base for heifers. He said factories are already finding it difficult to procure tighter supplies and some top prices of €4.20 to €4.40/kg for specialist lots have been paid.

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