IFA Welcomes Details of New Straw Incorporation Scheme

IFA Grain Chairman Mark Browne has welcomed the announcement of the details of the €10m Straw Incorporation Measure (SIM) by the Dept of Agriculture.

Mark Browne said it will now allow farmers to plan accordingly and he’s encouraging them to examine the specifics of the scheme.

“The Measure will encourage tillage farmers to increase soil organic carbon levels by chopping and incorporating straw from combinable crops,” he said.

“Apart from the environmental aspect of the scheme, it’s also an acknowledgement by the Government of the income pressure in the sector with the introduction of a Pillar II scheme for the first time,” he said.

He said IFA had made the case to the Department for support for the tillage sector, which has been through some difficult years.

Mark Browne said the inclusion of oil seed rape, albeit at a lower payment rate, is very welcome.

“Farmers should carefully assess the details of the scheme and our advice is to keep your application within the 40ha limit,” he said,

“The flexibilities in the scheme regarding the switching of parcels and withdrawals post application are important to have the maximum take up and ensure limited market disruption.”

As it’s a pilot scheme, Mark Browne said farmers should engage in the spirit and objectives of the scheme in order for the scheme to continue in subsequent years.

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