IFA Welcomes Minister Creed’s Commitment to Live Exports and Trade Mission to Egypt Plan

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods has welcomed the strong view of the Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed, expressed at the IFA AGM in Dublin this week, that the live export trade is critically important and a vital safety valve for the beef sector. The Minister said he is personally very committed to ensuring that live exports are part of the policy mix for the beef sector.
In response to the IFA request for Minister Creed to visit Egypt to capitalise on the live trade opportunity to that market, the Minister said Egypt was being considered for a visit and trade mission. He said it is clear that there is a market opportunity in Egypt for Irish live cattle right now and he also said that the Department is working on improving the certification issues.

Angus Woods said Minister Creed also responded positively to the IFA proposal to remove the €8 charges on calf exports, saying he would look at this and that “It would be a very low price to pay to remove it to get calves out of the country which is so important for the beef trade”. He said it was very clear that the lower quality calves needed to be exported.

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