IFA Welcomes Positive Announcements on 2019 Bean Crop

IFA Grain Committee Chairman Mark Browne has welcomed the positive announcements by Quinn’s of Baltinglass and Dairygold regarding the pricing of the 2019 field beans crop.

He has called on all feed merchants to show a similar commitment to the home production of protein crops.

Mark Browne said that 2018 was a very difficult year for bean production due to a late spring followed by a summer drought. This resulted in a reduction in area of 40% from 2017, combined with yield reductions of up to 70% in some areas.

The IFA Grain Committee Chairman said, “These prices should encourage tillage farmers to consider beans despite last year’s poor crops and reinstall confidence in the sector.”

“Government support for protein crops in the form of coupled payments is vital for the viability of this sector and this must continue under both the current CAP and post-2020,” said Mark Browne.

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