Kerry Got It Wrong and Must Revisit Milk Price Decision – Healy

IFA President Joe Healy said Kerry clearly chose not to pass on the benefits of improved dairy markets, which their neighbour Dairygold passed back with a July milk price increase of 1.5c/l and other co-ops passed back with increases of 1c/l. He said Kerry has got it wrong and must revisit this decision for the sake of their cash strapped suppliers.

The IFA President said Kerry’s failure to move on milk prices when dairy commodities are recovering rapidly clearly ignores their suppliers’ needs and expectations, and comes after their poor showing in the 2015 Farmers’ Journal /KPMG Review.

“Kerry suppliers are under as much financial and cash flow pressure as all other dairy farmers. My phone has been hopping all day with outraged producers who feel let down by this decision,” Joe Healy said.

“Kerry must do the right thing and urgently revisit their milk price decision,” he concluded.

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