Lakeland Price Increase Welcome – Other Co-ops Must Follow Suit

IFA Dairy Committee Chairman Tom Phelan has welcomed the move by Lakeland Dairies to increase its July milk price by 1c/l.

The announcement comes after IFA last week highlighted international milk price comparisons which showed that Irish milk purchasers were performing below par. The three participating co-ops Kerry, Dairygold and Glanbia respectively came in €1/100kgs (Kerry) and €2/100kgs (Dairygold and Glanbia) below the average for the leading European processors.

The IFA Dairy Chairman said, “This move by Lakeland is welcome, and confirms that the recent market value improvements mean that co-ops can, and must increase prices for July milk”.

“The other co-ops will be setting their prices over the coming days, and we encourage them to follow Lakeland’s example and return at least an additional 1c/l to their suppliers,” he concluded.

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