Lamb Price Rise as Supplies Tighten – IFA

IFA National Sheep Chairman Sean Dennehy said lamb supplies have tightened in recent days with factories struggling to get adequate numbers. He said prices are strengthening with reports of €4.80/kg paid. He said more farmers are getting €4.75/kg.

Sean Dennehy said supplies normally tighten at this time of year and farmers need to negotiate hard in order to maximise returns.

“IFA is meeting the lamb factories this week and will be pushing hard for price increases to reflect market returns and will also be pushing to get carcass weights up to 22.5kgs,” he said.

To date this year, new season lambs are back 19,000 head on last year, while the cull ewe kill is up 55,000 and the hogget kill was up 22,000, leaving the overall kill up 57,000.

Sean Dennehy said IFA will be raising the serious concern over the large cull ewe kill and the poor replacement ewe lamb and ewe hogget trade this year. He said IFA will make it clear to the factories low incomes and poor prices are the root cause of reducing ewe numbers.

He said as well as incomes and prices, EID, Clean Sheep Policy, factory charges and other sheep policy issues will be on the agenda.

IFA provide twice weekly price updates on text, and twitter.

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