Lamb Prices Increase – IFA

Sheep in Wicklow

IFA Sheep Chairman Kevin Comiskey said factory demand for suitably-finished lambs is strong and prices have risen.

He said factory agents are very active over the past few days trying to secure numbers of suitably-finished lambs, with deals to 22kg available.

Prices of €6.40/kg and €6.50/kg have become a lot easier to negotiate, with higher prices on offer for groups and larger lots.

Cull ewes are in general moving between €3.40/kg and €3.80/kg, with some deals above these prices.

“It’s a critical time of year for sheep farmers and factories must return strong viable prices to reflect production costs on farms and to ensure store lamb buyers remain active in marts,” he said.

He said the lamb price in France remains strong at over €8.00/kg which provides a real opportunity for factories, particularly as large volumes of New Zealand lamb continue to be directed towards the Chinese market.

Kevin Comiskey said factories are very anxious for lambs and farmers should sell hard while moving lambs when fit.

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