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Lamb Prices Rise on the Back of Solid Trade – IFA

Sheep in Wicklow

IFA National Sheep Chairman Sean Dennehy said lamb prices continue to rise, with most factories paying €6.00/kg to 23kgs carcase weight to get stock.

He said supplies are very tight with the difficult weather and some plants have paid €6.10/kg to get lambs.

Sean Dennehy said farmers should reject any factory quotes that are lower than €6.00/kg and insist on the higher prices which are widely available.

The UK price has also increased very strongly with the AHDB reporting a price increase of 26p/kg for week ending Feb 15th. The UK price hit £5.23/kg, which is equivalent to €6.48/kg incl. vat.

“The mart trade is also very strong especially for farmers, with heavier fit lambs suitable for the butcher or wholesale trade. Prices of €145/€150 per head have been paid.”

Sean Dennehy said it is very important that farmers select their lambs carefully for sale at this time.  “Move lambs as they become fit. Know the specifications, especially weight and avoid giving the factories any free meat and use the mart as a real option.”

Sean Dennehy said prices for cull ewes have also increased to €3.10 with €3.20/€3.25/kg paid in places.

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