Lamb Trade Very Vibrant

IFA National Sheep Chairman Sean Dennehy said the lamb trade remains vibrant, with farmers getting €6.20/kg. He said supplies are extremely tight and there is lot of competition between the plants looking for stock.

Sean Dennehy said demand is very strong, driven by Easter for the retail trade and the butcher and wholesale trade are also very active. He said, “Factories are chasing supplies and prepared to outbid each other to get stock.”

He said farmers with suitable stock are in a very strong position and need to make sure they are getting full value for their stock.

The IFA sheep farmer leader said the ewe trade has also improved and farmers are getting €3.20 to €3.30/kg, with higher prices paid in places.

On spring lambs, Sean Dennehy very few lambs are available. He said the factories are quoting €7.00/kg but will have to up this offer to get stock, considering the increase in the price of hoggets. He said some farmers have negotiated €150 per head for heavier well finished spring lambs.

Sean Dennehy said some factories are offering €8/kg for light milk lambs up to 13kgs.

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