Main Plants Hold Pig Price, While Smaller Processors Increase

The main export plants have held quotes at last week’s price with €1.40c/kg buying the majority of pigs and the usual variation and agreements in place between processors and suppliers.

A number of the smaller, local pig processors have returned improved prices this week, with increases of 4c/kg, resulting in prices of €1.44c/kg-€1.46ckg obtained this week.

While the national kill of pigs remains strong in the Republic of Ireland with 68,654 pigs slaughtered last week, demand, both domestically and from international markets has improved dramatically compared with previous months.

Recent improvement across the EU continued with further pig price increases last week, with many exporting pig producing nations now ahead of the Irish pig price. The need for price improvement from the main export pig processors this week is clear, and IFA Pigs Chairman Tom Hogan called on all pig farmers to demand this justified increase.

Ireland’s percentage of the EU price has improved and is currently 100% of the EU average price as reported to the EU Commission for the week commencing 05/02/2018.

Factory pig throughput in Republic of Ireland export plants for the week ending February 10th 2018 was 66,047 head which was 185 head more than the previous week and 2,301 more than in the corresponding week in 2017. Slaughterings in ROI export plants is 1.1% ahead the same period in 2017.

Export Plants: Top prices on a flat rate basis </= €1.40c/kg in Kepak, Rosderra, Staunton’s and Cookstown and </= €1.42/ €1.44c/kg in Dawn Pork and Bacon.

Sows: 60 – 75c/kg DW.

Weekly Slaughterings: Week-ending 10/02/2018 Pigs: 66,047 Sows: 1,877


Irish price €1.38kg

EU–27 average price €1.37kg

(Grade E pigs – 55% to 60% lean meat excluding VAT but including transport and bonuses).

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