Malting Barley Surcharge Dropped

Boortmalt have confirmed that the final average malting barley price in 2022 for the FOB Creil contract is €398.38/t.

IFA Grain Chairman Kieran McEvoy said it’s a record price for malting barley in Ireland and a very positive outcome for growers. Last year’s price was €237.67/t and the price for 2020 was €173.73.

However, he said inputs are also at record levels and tillage farmers will be concerned about their margins for next year.

Following further negotiations between Boortmalt and IFA, it has been agreed that the €12.50/tonne drying surcharge will be dropped for harvest 2022.

Kieran McEvoy said due to early crop maturity and the warm weather conditions for much of the harvest campaign, grain moisture contents were considerably lower than typical this season.

“As a result, and following a review of drying costs in the period following this harvest, it has been agreed that the charge will be dropped,” he said.

A payment of €2 per moisture point and a new €0.50c per point above 63kph will also be paid this season.

Negotiations for the 2023 malting barley crop will begin between Boortmalt and the IFA Malting Barley Committee and aim to conclude by mid-October at the latest.

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