Milk Processors Must Deliver On Milk Price This Month

As co-ops meet this week to set the November milk price, IFA Dairy Chairman Tom Phelan said the gap between the highest price and the lowest among processors has to be addressed.

“Despite the turmoil of this year, the dairy sector is robust. Trade has held steady, with positive indications for the market. The latest GDT auction reported a 4.3% rise in prices, with significant gains across all commodity groups. 

The Ornua PPI for October has increased to 104.3.  When adjusted to include the Ornua Value Payment, this equates to 33.2c/l. 

“Not enough processors have stepped up to the plate and paid a milk price that reflects the marketplace. The gap between the highest payers and the lowest payers is widening, not narrowing. This has to be addressed this month.  As we approach the end of the year and milk volumes decline, farmers need the maximum price available for their milk,” he said. 

“All processors must offer a price rise this month,” he concluded. 

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