Minister Creed Cannot Allow Larry Goodman to Hold the Beef Sector to Ransom


IFA President Joe Healy said that the petty behaviour of Larry Goodman’s ABP group and the unwillingness of the Minister to take charge of the situation has resulted in farmer frustration boiling over.

“The Government assist ABP in many ways through various Government Departments and State agencies. The Minister has to make it clear that he will not allow the Goodman Group to hold the beef sector to ransom,” he said.

If the Minister can’t get movement on these issues, then the Taoiseach needs to get involved.

“We need the legal threats lifted and Taskforce to meet urgently.  The Minister needs to be there himself to ensure that progress is made,” he said.

It’s clear that the new Beef Price Index shows that Irish prices are 17c/kg behind prices in our main export markets, and this is being pocketed by the factories. The real issue for all farmers on the ground is that beef prices are increasing in every other country except Ireland and farmers feel exploited.

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