Minister Creed Must Call Factories to Order on Beef – IFA

IFA President Joe Healy has strongly criticised the meat factories for overhyping the Brexit result in their rush to pull cattle prices.

He said “Minister for Agriculture Michael Creed must call the factories to order, insist they act responsibly and stop undermining confidence in the beef sector”.

Joe Healy said the factories have overdone the negativity in the three weeks since the Brexit result and attempted to create panic in the trade, “This is highly irresponsible at a time when all stakeholders need to put on the green jersey and work together to minimise instability”.

The IFA President said, “Now is the time for Bord Bia and the factories to fully utilise our strengths and maximise our unique Origin Green programme and Quality Assurance standards at retail and food service level, as opposed to pulling prices at farm level despite protection through currency hedging.” He said Minister Creed needs to knock heads together and make this happen.

Joe Healy said the rapid appointment of the new Prime Minister in the UK is a positive development, which has eliminated two months of uncertainty and has led to a significant recovery in sterling and the markets.

He said Minister Creed needs to make a move on beef with the factories ahead of the Beef Forum, set for Thursday July 21st. The IFA Leader said there is a real urgency on the Minister to make it clear to the factories that they must act responsibly in the context of the Brexit result.

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