Minister Creed Must Put Case to Brussels on Brexit Losses for Winter Finishers

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said winter finishers are in a real financial crisis, burning €200 per head on cattle. He said cattle prices are down €100 and feed costs up another €100 per head.

He said the Brexit “wait and see” approach from Agriculture Minister Michael Creed is crushing hope and confidence in the sector.

“Livestock farmers feel the Minister is walking away from the sector”.

Angus Woods said Minister Creed needs to quickly get on side with farmers and make a cast iron case to Brussels for a package of measures which will fully compensate for the Brexit losses.

He said “For every 5c/kg change on the price, Minister Creed needs to secure €20 per head additional direct payment compensation”.

The IFA Livestock Chairman said it is clear cattle prices are being held down by Brexit and beef farmers are carrying the can for it. He said there is a very strong case for compensation to make good the negative Brexit impact for the losses already being racked up.

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