Minister Must Compensate Farmers for Brexit Losses – IFA

IFA President Joe Healy said Agriculture Minister Michael Creed must introduce an aid package for beef farmers for Brexit losses they have already incurred.

Leading a large delegation of IFA members who assembled in the Dáil for a debate on the beef crisis, Joe Healy said the Government must immediately introduce a scheme for beef farmers who have had their incomes devastated due to Brexit-related price cuts since last Autumn.

“While all the talk on Brexit is around what may happen and contingency planning, incomes for beef farmers have already taken a major financial hit and they need an aid package,” he said.

Joe Healy said farmers who sold cattle since last Autumn have already taken a financial battering, mainly because of Brexit-inflicted cattle price losses.

IFA said the scheme should be based on €20 per head for every 5c/kg price drop.

“The Department already has all the information on their database and can readily identify the farmers involved,” he said.

“We have made repeated calls for the EU Commission and the Department of Agriculture to come forward with proposals on how they intend to support farmers through Brexit, but no detail has been forthcoming,” he said.

Joe Healy said that it was time for the Government to take real action to support these farmers who have outstanding bills with merchants and other service providers. They need help and they need it now,” he said.

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