Minister Must Explain Bizarre Figures & Name the Factories


IFA met with Minister Michael Creed yesterday where the Department of Agriculture told the IFA that the figures for fines for excessive carcase trim in the factories was 19 so far in 2018, zero for 2017, 28 for 2016 and zero for 2015.

Joe Healy says that these figures were bizarre.  The Minister must come clean on what is going on with the inspection system and name the factories.


“To say there were 28 offences uncovered in 2016 and 19 so far in 2018, but zero in 2015 and 2017 is illogical. There is clearly something very strange going on and we need an immediate explanation from the Minister as to what is happening in our meat plants,” he said.


Following strong lobbying from the IFA, the Minister has agreed to fundamentally change the system from January 1st next year.  In order for farmers to have confidence in any system, we need an explanation for these figures


“At the meeting, we insisted that Minister Creed publish the list of the factories involved. It is completely unacceptable that the names of the guilty parties are being covered up. These names of these offenders must be published without delay,” he said.



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