More Bite in Cattle Trade at the Factories

IFA National Livestock Chairman Angus Woods said there was more bite in cattle prices this week at the factories with a base price for steers of €3.95/kg more common and €4.05/kg for heifers.

He said farmers with fit quality cattle were negotiating higher prices off the old base of €3.90 and €4.00/kg.

Angus Woods said the weekly kill was less than 35,000 adult cattle and it was clear demand in the market place was picking up from the doldrums of January.

The IFA livestock leader said winter finisher needed a substantial price rise at this time in order to cover the very high level of costs they have incurred feeding indoors for the last number of months. He said farmers should demand full value for their stock at this time and insist on a price well above the quoted level from the factories.

Angus Woods said cattle prices in our main export markets, both in the UK and across Europe are all ahead of Irish prices. He said this shows the potential for Irish prices to increase.

An analysis by IFA shows that for week ending Feb 3rd, R3 grade steers in our main export market to the UK are making the equivalent of €4.37/kg including VAT. R3 Young Bulls are making €4.36/kg in Italy including VAT and in France are at €4.11/kg. In Germany young bulls are making €4.22 including VAT and €4.19/kg in Spain.

The IFA livestock leader also welcomed the latest actively from live exporters on the international trade. He said there is major potential for exports to Turkey and it is also welcome to see shipments to Libya.

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