More Time and Clarity Needed from Tirlan on Latest Fixed Price Support Offer

IFA Dairy Chair Stephen Arthur said Tirlán must give their impacted suppliers more clarity and detail on the latest Fixed Price Scheme Support offer.

“In the last number of days, Tirlán suppliers have received adjusted Fixed Milk Price Scheme Support letters. Instead of bringing clarity, they have created more confusion and anxiety, with many questioning what volume of milk they will now have fixed going forward and at what price it will be fixed at.”

“The original closing date for this new offer was today, Dec 20th, which was completely unrealistic. We understand Tirlán have now pushed this back to Dec 30th, via text message, in the last 24 hours. It’s not credible to expect farmers to assess such a complicated and important decision over the Christmas period when farmers are trying to spend time with their family and their advisors are mostly on holidays,” he said.

“Tirlán need to push this deadline to the end of January. They also need to organise, as soon as possible in the New Year, a public information meeting to fully explain what the latest offer entails.  IFA is more than happy to host this meeting, if Tirlán wish, where their representatives can use the forum to present their latest proposals,” he added.

The IFA Dairy Chair concluded, “The communication on this new offer, along with the imposition of such a tight deadline, are both very disappointing. I hope Tirlán understand the confusion, worry and anxiety this is causing and do the right thing by extending the deadline and holding a public meeting to explain exactly what is on offer.”

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