New Farming Apprenticeships an Opportunity to Bring New People into the Poultry & Pig Sector

IFA National Poultry Chair Nigel Sweetman and IFA National Pig Chair Roy Gallie noted the opening of the new apprenticeship scheme launched this week.

“This announcement follows years of campaigning by IFA for such a scheme which will help address the ageing demographic of farmers across all sectors. It will afford young people an opportunity to access experience within the industry which can open a path to management and partnerships across all farming sectors including pig and poultry,” Nigel Sweetnam said.  

“It is important to highlight the incorporation of poultry into these courses, expanding the scope and diversity of learning opportunities for the next generation of farmers. Participants will learn about poultry husbandry, biosecurity measures, disease management, and welfare considerations. This addition not only expands the skillset of apprentices but also addresses the increasing demand for skilled professionals in the poultry industry,” he added.

Roy Gallie said the introduction of these courses comes at a time when they are most needed and will hopefully encourage new young farmers into our pig & poultry sectors, which is of utmost importance for food security into the future.

“It is vital that these courses are now promoted properly to ensure we maximise the opportunity these apprentices present,” he added.

IFA are encouraging those interested in becoming a host farmer to apply urgently.

“For existing farmers who would like to take part in the form of being a host farmer for an apprentice, register your interest as soon as possible as places are limited and the course starts in September,” Roy Gallie said.

The Farm Management and Technician Apprenticeships will offer a blend of classroom learning and on-farm experience, ensuring that participants gain a deep understanding of agricultural practices while honing their practical skills.

Enrolment for the Farm Management and Technician Apprenticeships is now open and interested candidates can apply through the following links: Farm Technician Apprenticeship  and  Farm Manager Apprenticeship.

The application for interested farm apprentice employer (host farmers) is now open on this link:  Register to become a farm apprentice employer.

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