New IFA Pigs Committee Chairman Calls on Processors to Increase Prices

The newly elected Chairman of the IFA National Pigs and Pigmeat Committee, Tom Hogan has called on the processors to immediately increase prices to producers in response to a rising EU market.

Tom Hogan said, “At the Agromek Agricultural fair last week, there was a real sense of positivity amongst our EU compatriots as prices across the continent have risen considerably in the last number of weeks. This is set to continue into 2017 with the Danish herd recording considerable fall off in the most recent survey (October). Total sows are down 2.5% and total pigs are down 4% overall. American prices have also rebounded on the back of seasonal demand and this is set to continue to the end of the year.”

Mr. Hogan said “We have suffered a poor year despite price recovery in the last few months. Average prices this year will only be marginally ahead of last year as we have not recovered the 8c/kg drop that we suffered in October. However this has been a positive year for the processing industry with a substantial increase in exports recorded and when you compare prices year on year, farmers have not seen the benefit of this which is so disappointing”.

“Although the own brand retail products are supporting Irish pig prices in terms of putting the logo on the pack, they must also ensure that they are paying a fair price for pig meat. Retail support for Irish Quality Assured pig meat product is at an all-time high, but there is always someone in the market trying to undermine Irish meat and this is a constant battle for the Pigs Committee,” Hogan concluded.

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