IFA Accuse Some Factories and Agents of Blatant Disregard for Farmers

IFA National Livestock Committee Chairman Michael Doran said that the blatant disregard and lack of respect being shown by some factories and their agents towards farmers in buying cattle is an utter disgrace.

Mr Doran said IFA have clear examples of cases where factories and their agent have bought cattle off farmers under complete false pretences.  He said that in some cases the agent will quote a base price and the factory will pay a completely different base price on the docket.

The IFA Livestock leader said the latest move by some factories in attempting to impose a hefty weight limit penalty without informing the farmers before hand is nothing short of daylight robbery.  Michael Doran said farmers must strongly reject weight limit penalties.

He said the days when a cattle man’s word was his bond is fast disappearing among factories and agents with this type of sharp practice.

Michael Doran said no farmers should part with cattle to any agent or factory without clearly knowing the full terms of trade.  He said the base price must be clear.  Any deductions or bonus must be up front, fully explained and transparent.

Mr Doran said if a agent or procurement manager is not in a position to provide this information and explain it fully to the famer, he should not have the job and the farmers should not sell to him.

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