Minister Must Deliver Full Sfp Payout to All Farmers Next Week

IFA President John Bryan said that nothing less than a full payout of all Single Farm Payments from the Minister for Agriculture Brendan Smith next week would be acceptable.

Mr. Bryan said the digitising of maps is taking too long and the Minister must ensure that all outstanding payments are made by 1st December.

The IFA President said it is totally unacceptable that farmers who were inspected have received no payment to date. These cases must be speeded up so that they get full payment next week.

On the Disadvantaged Areas payment, Mr. Bryan said around €30m still remains to be paid out. In many cases farmers are still awaiting their final 25% of payment, which should have been paid out on 20th October last.

John Bryan said the full payout of SFP and DAS must be the priority for the Minister as this year’s debacle has caused frustration and anger among thousands of farmers and seriously affected cash flow on farms.

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