IFA Calls for Court of Auditors Investigation into Eu Bilateral Beef Deals Before Further Damage Is Inflicted on Beef Producers

IFA National Livestock Committee Chairman Michael Doran has hit out strongly at the lack of loyalty been shown by the EU Commission to Irish and European livestock farmers and their continuing undermining of the European beef production base.

Michael Doran said the latest move by the EU Commission to agree to a new duty free 20,000t quota for beef imports from Canada was another mistake by the Commission in their free trade policy which is severely damaging European agriculture.

The IFA livestock leader called on the European Court of Auditors to immediately investigate the bilateral deals the Commission are relentlessly pursuing on the beef side including deals with the USA, Central America and the current negotiations on Mercosur.

Michael Doran said it appears the Commission has learned no lessons from the mistakes they made on the sugarbeet reform, highlighted in the recent Court of Auditors report which found that the sugar factory closures were unnecessary and producers were forced to renounce their sugarbeet quotas.

The IFA livestock leader said the latest bi-lateral beef deals highlights the grave dangers of pursuing the free trade agenda and the failure of the EU Commission to recognise the damage this policy is inflicting on food production in Europe.

Michael Doran pointed out that the latest negotiations and agreement are being lauded as a major success and achievement by the Canadian Agriculture Minister and the Canadian beef industry.

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