Pig Processors Are Forcing Producers out of Business

The Chairman of the IFA Pigs Committee Tim Cullinan has accused processors of betraying pig producers by pocketing the entire price increase negotiated with the retailers this week.

He said the response of the factories will be seen by producers as greedy factory bosses behaving like Scrooge and taking the badly-needed price increase for themselves. “IFA made a strong case to the retailers because of sustained loss-making among pig producers. The retailers recognised the difficulties and agreed to pass back a price increase, on the basis that it would make its way to the producer. But the processors, by not increasing pig prices, are treating their hard-pressed suppliers with contempt.”

Tim Cullinan called on the bigger processors to lead by example and immediately pass back the increases to producers.

The IFA Pigs Chairman said pig producers were very angry at the way factories had treated them. “The processors are well aware of the loss-making situation on farms as a result of higher feed prices. They also know that producers are coming under immense pressure from the banks, compounders and mills. By ignoring the wishes of the retailers, they are giving the two fingers to them and pig producers.”

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