IFA Urges Farmers to Shop Around Before Purchasing Fertiliser

IFA Inputs Project Team Leader Chris Hayes has urged farmers to shop around before purchasing fertiliser this spring as there are enormous variations in prices across the country. Volume and group purchasers are getting the best deals with some of the trade offering extended credit of between 90 to 150 days at or near cash prices in an effort to hold onto or win over quality business.

Mr. Hayes said, “The experience over the last number of seasons has been that farmers who purchase collectively either formally or informally and coordinate deliveries are achieving substantially better buying terms than those who buy individually. Organising full or near full loads facilitates direct delivery from factory / depot to farm substantially reducing delivery costs.”

He said, “The trade is using the opportunity of rising international prices to talk up local prices despite the fact that there are substantial stocks in the system. While some of the increase is directly attributable to higher energy prices, we have a repeat of 2008 happening with manufacturers and the trade pushing up prices in an effort to capture bigger margins on the back of higher grain and commodity prices.”

“Currently urea offers the best value for money at 86 cent /kg of nitrogen compared to CAN at €1.05 / kg of nitrogen. Farmers should optimise the use of organic manures, thus minimising the requirement for chemical fertilisers without restricting grass or crop yields.”

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