Pig Processors Must Ensure Price Increases Continue – IFA

IFA Pigs Committee Chairman Tim Cullinan has said the pig price increase passed back must be followed up with further increases until farmers are brought back to profitability. “Pig prices on the continent last week moved on by up to 9c/kg and further increases have come this week.  Despite this the Irish price remained static this week.”

Mr. Cullinan said “The fact remains; considerable price increases are vital across the country before Irish pig producers break-even. Farmers before Christmas and since have made massive efforts to inform pig meat purchasers of the feed price crisis and it is simply taking those selling the meat too long to secure increases. The home market is our most vital market and a price increase must be secured at home.”

He said, “pig prices are moving up all over Europe, a situation which will stem the tide of imports. These price increases reflect a drop in supplies with the impact of the private storage scheme taking effect as well as continuing strong exports. Demand for southern pigs north of the border is very strong. Average weekly live exports to the North in the first month of the year have topped 10,000 pigs per week.”

The Pigs Committee Chairman said “All the right elements are now in place and processors must increase prices immediately to secure the future of Irish pig meat production and the jobs in the sector.”

Mr. Cullinan said, “There is no issue is finding Quality Assured pork or bacon product on the shop shelves following the intensive campaign by IFA to increase the uptake on branded and own brand products. However the uptake of the logo on hams continues to be a serious issue for both the IFA Pigs Committee and the consumer. Some brands, such as Carrolls and Bradys, have demonstrated their support for Irish meat but some of the biggest players in the market are not supportive and this is a huge problem. Once again secondary processors appear to be benefitting from the pigmeat market to the detriment of everyone else.”

“Retailers are sourcing more and more Quality Assured products and it is the responsibility of the primary and secondary processors to ensure that a margin to cover the cost of production is secured for this Quality Assured product,” Tim Cullinan concluded.

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