Pig Producers on the Brink as Crippling Losses Cannot Be Sustained

Speaking today (Wed) at the launch of the Bord Bia campaign to ‘Bring Home the Bacon’, aimed at increasing the share of the home market for pig producers, IFA Pigs Committee Chairman Tim Cullinan warned that jobs were on the line unless prices improve.

“Currently pig producers in Ireland are losing up to €15 on every pig sold. Losses of this magnitude have been incurred now for a number of months since the price of feeding the pig started rising exponentially last year. The cost of these losses to the countries pig producers is almost €1m per week.”

Mr Cullinan said, “Some producers have already decided, or have been forced, to cease production due to rising costs and rising debts. The loss of this production could potentially put some of our factories in jeopardy and ultimately the livelihoods of the people employed in the industry upstream and downstream of the farm.”

The IFA Pigs Chairman said, “Considering the pressure on farmers, the success of the promotion being launched today by Bord Bia is crucial. Over the last number of weeks, IFA together with Bord Bia and the Irish primary processors have met with the retailers to highlight the crisis situation on Irish pig farms. We are calling on them to increase the volume of Irish meat that they stock. It is vital also that food service outlets, restaurants and butchers also increase the volume of Irish meat that they purchase.”

“Most importantly we are calling on the Irish consumer to pick pig meat products carrying the Bord Bia Quality Assurance (QA) Logo when doing their weekly shopping. The logo can be found in all retailers on pork, bacon, sausages and hams. The QA logo is the consumer’s guarantee of traceability and quality and making the choice to purchase meat with the logo will also guarantee the future of the Irish pig meat industry. It will also safeguard the associated jobs and the potential to contribute to the economic recovery of the country as outlined in the Food Harvest 2020 Strategy.”

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