Pig Farmers Furious as Millers Attempt to Steal Pig Price Increase from Farmers

IFA Pigs Committee Chairman Tim Cullinan said the attempt by millers to increase pig feed prices is unjustified as barley, wheat; soya and maize have all decreased over the last number of weeks.

Mr. Cullinan said, “This is pure profiteering by the millers at the expense of hard-pressed pig farmers who have struggled to survive against horrendous feed price increases over the last number of months.”

He said, “Any attempts to increase feed prices will be rejected by producers. Pig feed prices must decrease immediately in response to the falling ingredient market prices. “

Mr. Cullinan said, “Grain and soya prices have fallen significantly in recent weeks. Currently barley, wheat and soya are back by up to €30/t off recent highs yet this is not being reflected in the prices being paid for meal. Reduced competition among the feed mills is leading to this situation. This short-sighted action by the mills threatens the viability of the sector which has already suffered significant losses in recent months.”

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