IFA Says Sheep Farmer Anger Growing over Price Cuts

Sheep Welfare Scheme

IFA National Sheep Committee Chairman James Murphy said there is growing anger among sheep farmers over the way factories have gone way too far with their lamb price cuts. He said the factory attack on prices over the last 2 weeks was excessive in the extreme and knocked €10 – €15 per head off prices.

“There has been a turnaround in France this week, with prices up 10c/kg. Farmers should be able to negotiate better prices on the back of this and achieve €100 per head for lamb.”

James Murphy said farmers are beginning to realise that the price cuts will only stop if the factories cannot get the lambs at the lower quoted prices.<span>   He said, “farmers are not willing to sell lambs at less than €100 per head. The message is very clear and blunt. Don’t sell at the lower quoted prices.”

The IFA sheep farmers’ leader said the January/February born lambs fed on meals are sold at this stage. He said the March/April born lambs will be slower and with the higher feed costs, not many received concentrates.

In addition, James Murphy said farmers were looking at their options and with after grass coming, store buyers were beginning to emerge. The live trade had also commenced with Ramadan on August 1st.  Farmers were also holding back females for breeding.

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