Connacht Gold/donegal Creameries Deal a Positive Step for Dairy Industry

Commenting today (Tuesday) about the Connacht Gold/Donegal Creameries deal signed over the weekend, IFA President John Bryan said it was a positive step for the Irish dairy industry because it strengthened the position of farmer-owned co-operatives, and made a significant contribution to rationalising milk collection, processing and marketing in the North West of the country.

He congratulated the Boards of Connacht Gold and Donegal Creameries on finalising a deal which he was confident would improve the outlook for dairy farmers throughout the region. He said that it was absolutely critical that Donegal milk producers, who had until now been dealing with a Plc they had no ownership of, would be integrated into the co-op structure which they would now supply.

“I believe this deal represents real progress for the industry in the North Western region, and is positive for milk suppliers and the industry nationally,” Mr Bryan said.

“I also sincerely hope that it will also bring about a firmer approach in the dairy industry’s dealings with retailers, and a stronger resolve in capturing a higher share of the retail price in order to remunerate the full costs incurred by milk suppliers,” Mr Bryan concluded.

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