IFA Demands Payout of All Outstanding Direct Payments

IFA President John Bryan said all of the outstanding Single Farm Payment and Disadvantaged Area Payment cases must be processed and paid without delay. He said payment delays related to inspections, digitisation and transfers are not acceptable.

John Bryan said Minister Coveney must take action to ensure that his Department will have all outstanding cases fully processed and cleared for payment by December 1<sup>st</sup>, when the final 50% tranche of the Single Farm Payment is due.

John Bryan said the latest figures from the Department show that 108,180 farmers have been paid an SFP advance of €538m and 88,603 farmers have been paid €195m under the Disadvantaged Areas Scheme.

The IFA President said there is real frustration among the thousands of farmers who are owed both REPS 4 and AEOS payments for 2010.

John Bryan said these long delays are totally unacceptable and Minister Coveney must now insist on the immediate pay-out of all REPS 4 and AEOS that are overdue. He said there is at least €200m outstanding to farmers under these schemes for 2010 and 2011.

The IFA President pointed out that farmers have already incurred high costs of compliance and investment under REPS and AEOS and are under severe cash flow pressure as a result of

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